Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Size Matters!

Eager to get on with my blocks and conscious they need to fly back across the pond, I loaded up the Steam a Seam, cut the fabrics, yep.... I cut the fabric! and laid out my pieces onto the first square that V sent. Now there is room around the pattern, but what struck me was, although these blocks have been cut to 10 1/2" was there any room for maneuver in the size... is it definitely going to be a 10" finished block or is there the slightest possibility that some of the pattern could be lost if they were to be a smaller size. Clearly size matters!

You can see I have a good 3/4" to 1" clearance around the outer extremities of my block design, so for me this was an important question. With a good 1/4" seam allowance, the design will still stand in its own space.

Phew! After a quick e-mail to V (isn't technology great!) all the blocks will be 10" finished. So I've gone ahead and pressed down my pieces and am ready to sew them down.

Now I'm no expert in applique, but I have fallen foul of this in the past, I'm sure the experts amongst you will point us in right direction.

To Sum it up: Make sure your design fits into a 10" frame so it

doesn't get lost in the seams!

Thanks Trudi for the post and info! -- V


Doris said...

Lovely block, Trudi! and do you know what a see in that block? A "V"!

Sarah said...

Oh very nice! Love your design, it's worked out very well. Good work.

Janet said...

Love it. All our blocks are going to look soooo good together.

Tara said...

When I was looking up ideas, I read that there is some "shrinkage" involved with applique. Meaning the base block. Does this hold true for anyone?