Thursday, January 7, 2010

All 8!

Tops are all finished... I had to scrap as much as possible to make the fabric stretch! JP sent another box today so I was able to border the quilts, and now I will piece the back as well out of everything I have left. I tried to at least have 2 quilts for boys that weren't all flowery. The plaid and green one. They were so fun to work on! Thanks Jennifer again!

ALSO! Project Linus will get these quilts. Thanks for Voting!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pleased as punch!

Click image to see them larger!

So far, I have these put together... I have two more sets to complete, and then I will use all fabrics I have left from Jennifer to scrap borders together...

Don't they look awesome!!

So when are you all coming over to help me bind them when they are done being quilted???

;-) I wish.

Please also,

HOP over to my pal, Linda's page(click here), and thank her profusely, for accepting to quilt ALL of them for us...

You guys R O C K!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Pink and blue


Baby Blankets it is! I am planing to start them tomorrow(tuesday)...
Luckily I have lots of Jennifer's fabrics in pink and blue, so I' will do 4 of each...
Shall we vote on the donation receiver?
let me see if I can figure out a vote thingy on this blog....
And if I am missing any that were mentioned please let me know again and I will add it to the vote list at right...
This was a group project, so i want you all to pick... thanks guys!