Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sign the back of the block

I'll try to remind you later, before you mail the blocks back to me.

I was putting together the Pixie Dust quilt today, and I realized, Doris,
always very nicely, signs her name on a seam on the back of her block.

This would help me tremendously in keeping track of who sent what block...

Could you all do this to your blocks before you send them back to me?

Great pens...
Micron size 01 or o2 are very good.
I have blue and black, they are archival, acid free, waterproof and fade proof.
any stationery store or art supply or quilt shop usually have them...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

where in the world....

How awesome is this?

United Kingdom
New Zealand

South Dakota
New York
North Carolina
New Jersey

I wonder whats up with quilters in say, Finland, Sweden or Greenland for that matter,
they have to be making quilts up there!
Interesting to see where we've all come from and that this has brought us all together.

I am very intimidated at trying to hand applique this Dresden down. getting all those round-y parts the same.... the block is so darn cute in these fabrics, I'm encouraged, but still today, I sit and stare at it and wonder, how the heck am I going to do that...

I got these Jennifer fabrics in the mail yesterday. This color was not in the scrap packets, I ordered these myself. Gosh darn scrumptious. That's all I got to say.

So what things are you all thinking about for this project? Challenges? Simplicity?
Playing with new fabrics?

Packets mailed today

Your goodies are on their way to you!
Fabric is cut, packaged, and I am about to run to the post office.
Please note, that your TWO blocks can be the same. As only one will go into each of the quilts.
but If you choose to do two different ones like I did, that's fine too.
Please let me know when you all start receiving them, so i can keep track.

I am adding your blog links to the right.
Feel free if you have images or inspirations you'd like to share, while you wait for your fabrics to arrive to post them.

I can't wait to see what you all come up with.

OH! Almost forgot.
You need to respond the email I sent out inviting you to join this blog.

Then you can post.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Welcome Quilters!

You guys are amazing.

You offer up your time and skill in and effort to give back to others. Kudos!
And Thank you for helping me in the little project once again!

I decided to make a blog so everyone can post, ask questions and we can watch as this quilt (these quilts) become real.

I have this time asked for TWO blocks to be made. This being my third donation quilt, I decided this time, that I'd like to keep one for myself. Not in being selfish, but as a remembrance of all the goodness we are doing. And also, after three quilts, it's getting hard to let the beauties go! So this time, one is for me.

I thank you for wanting to contribute two blocks.

I've posted that applique is not required, but I'd really like to see this quilt with as much applique as possible. I've barely done any applique myself, and I've almost completed my two blocks.

I tried two different blocks in a style I have never attempted. So I encourage you to try something out of your comfort zone, to learn and grow as quilters as well.

I am packaging up the fabrics right now,
you will each be receiving:

2 white 10.5" square pieces of background fabric.
please use this fabric, for uniformity.

and a stack of various Jennifer Paganelli fabrics

Please bop over and thank you for her generous donation.
They are very beautiful fabrics and I can't wait to see what becomes of them all.

(Shelly's Blocks)

You can use any kind of applique technique.
raw edge, needle turn, machine... whatever you'd like.

We want POW! or WOW! factor blocks so think FIESTA!
colors and swirling, and lots of ZING!

Envelopes maybe sent tomorrow, I have all the scraps cut.
I tried to include as much variety as I could and everyone should have
more than enough for two blocks.

You do NOT need to send the scraps back to me... (my scraps runneth over)

try to use only the fabrics included.

thanks everyone!
Please post as you start top create.
and feel free to grab the button for the blog and add it to your blog.

I will try to add every ones name on the right. gotta get to that. Maybe we can each do that?
still need to figure this out.

happy sewing friends! and thanks for your help!