Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby blankets....???

Hello Fabulous ladies.
Happy New Year!

I squared up the sis boom blocks today, and as I was doing so was thinking about
how they will go together... I divided them up into piles of 6
and am thinking about making 8 baby quilts instead of 2 big quilts..

I have yardage of a pink fabric and of a blue fabric from Jennifer,
and think that would be a nice way to finish them off.

Then we can donate them to Project Linus or which ever charity that will accept them,
that we would like....

How does that sound?

Let me know your favorite charity groups for kids quilts, then we can vote on it...

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

JP makes for cute quilts

The first I had heard of Jennifer Paganelli was in September. I went to visit Victoria in New York (to sew together) and she had this box of fabrics that this designer had sent her. She asked me if I would like to make a couple of blocks for these two quilts she was putting together. Of course I said yes. (I was staying at her house, was I going to say no?) I zipped two blocks together and fell in love with these fabrics.

A month later, I had to make two baby quilts (for girls) before the first of the year. Well, what else was I going make them with? And of course, they turned out darlin.

And then guess what I did with the left over scraps.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

all of them!

Hi all! So i do have all the blocks now! if only I had a design wall to stick them up on!
After Christmas I will sort them and get working on putting them all together.
I thank all of you for your lovely work!

Now do you all wanna come to NY and help me put them together?
ha! wishful thinking... *smiles!*

Being new to applique myself, I have to say, I learned a lot from each of the blocks in came in.

So. Stay tuned. There will be a bit of a break before I can get to to putting these together.

So for now, I want to wish everyone , Happy Holidays!
And THANK YOU ALL for your lovely generosity and creativity!
And helping me with this most recent Donation Quilt.

I know how busy we all get this month, and my wish for you all, is that you get to savor each precious moment... Because it all goes so fast...


A Day Late and a Dollar Short

I did my blocks for Sis Boom Pow Block Gather - but I just haven't posted them yet.  I thought I would finally get them posted - if anyone is still interested!

I really enjoyed making these!  The fabric is so fun.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do this, V!  I can hardly wait to see this quilt finished.