Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The extra fabric....

Hello Ladies!
First, Can I say, I see so much creativity being whirled around it's fantastic & dizzying!

Also, I don't care what level of an applique person you are,
As I said, I had never done it, and hey! I did two cute blocks!

So don't be intimidated!

Just go and have fun with it!

It's always a challenge to use pre-selected fabrics,
But so far, I don't see anyone having a problem with it!

This is a photo of the "EXTRA" fabric JP sent along for me. it will make up the backing, as they are some big pieces... I love that toile print... I'm hoping I have enough of that for the whole back...

I love hearing how you all are coming up with your plan for these blocks!
I've even begged my mother into helping me.
She has some ideas already of her own to update a sun bonnet sue...
(I set up a blog for her, go send her some blog love.)
She doesn't get to a computer very often,
But I hope she finds it a fun tool to motivate her to start sewing again...

So keep the creativity swirling! I feel the Fiesta!

(one little note: I need these blocks to be the size I sent you, so if your cutting the white blocks, they will not fit well into the quilt. I'm trying to keep this easy, so if you can make sure, if your cutting it, make sure it comes back to me as the 10.5" block i sent you.
and when i say 10.5" I mean, that is the exact measurement I cut them at.
Not a sewn down size etc. as people were confused about that last time...
a trimmed block, size 10.5" is what i need back. exact. thanks!)


RosaMarĂ­a said...

hearts and birds are in my mind... but I dont decided how i'll do the apliqque, and I confess: i'm inexperienced, but it will be interesting to try!

Janet said...

I hope you understand that applique tends to "shrink" the original size. You may have to trim just a bit to square them up.