Sunday, October 11, 2009

packets recvd?

Something is up!
Kathie said when she ironed the white fabric that it SHRUNK!
Has anyone noticed this on their blocks?
I'm not sure what to do about this...

Those of you have finished your blocks, did you notice if the blocks shrank considerably?

we're not talking about the applique shrinking the block.
She said the white fabric in pressing it shrank a good half inch
and that makes me worried about when it's washed....

I've never seen this happen.

Any advice??
Use different white?


Also I need to know besides Nichi, who has not recvd their fabric...


quiltycat said...

SIGH! I didn't receive my parcel up to now. Is Italy much farther as New Zealand? Now you can understand my worries about the shipping time.
I hope in next week....
:-( nichi

Britt said...

I have my fabrics and love them! Sorry, crazy week and no time to figure out blogging on top of everything else! But I will soon.