Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby blankets....???

Hello Fabulous ladies.
Happy New Year!

I squared up the sis boom blocks today, and as I was doing so was thinking about
how they will go together... I divided them up into piles of 6
and am thinking about making 8 baby quilts instead of 2 big quilts..

I have yardage of a pink fabric and of a blue fabric from Jennifer,
and think that would be a nice way to finish them off.

Then we can donate them to Project Linus or which ever charity that will accept them,
that we would like....

How does that sound?

Let me know your favorite charity groups for kids quilts, then we can vote on it...

Happy New Year!


SewCalGal said...

I'm interested in hearing insights on favorite charities too. I do like making quilts for good causes. I make quite a few for Linus, Camp Reach For The Sky, and for local hospitals.

What ever charity you choose for your quilts, I'm sure they will delight and make a difference in the lives of each child that receives one! Thank you!

And your quilts are beautiful!


Sew It UP! said...

I love your idea V. Project Linus is one of my favorite. But any charity that benefits children is great in my book. These are going to come out awesome.

Beth said...

I think baby quilts are a great idea!

shellysquilts said...

Sounds great! The blocks look great on the pink!

Trudi said...

Sounds like a great plan V! Linus is a great cause globally, go with wherever your instincts take you. The baby quilts look fab! Wish I was closer to help with the quilting! Happy New Year to you, yours and everyone that took part in Sis Boom Pow!

allsewnup said...

Fabulous idea V.

Happy New Year to you and yours.


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Baby quilts makes the love go further! Sounds great.

PurplePickle said...

Great idea to make baby quilts. If there is a children's cancer organization, I would choose that. Happy New Year to all.
Mary C.

Cheryl Arkison said...

What a nice idea. I'm not too picky, but I do like the idea of a kids cancer society.

RosaMarĂ­a said...

baby quilts are a great idea!! Whatever charity you choose for the quilts is fine to me!